KQRU 107.9

About KQRU

KQRU is a non-profit low powered radio station covering the Santa Clarita Valley, and is governed by the Radio Committee of the Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment, our parent organization.

We are entirely listener-supported through grants and donations, and do not accept advertisements. Please contact us if you are interested in underwriting our station or a program.

After over a decade of efforts to get an FCC license for a low power community radio station in Santa Clarita, KQRU finally began broadcasting on Aug 10th, 2019. This is thanks to the many volunteers who stuck it out through years of setbacks due to complicated FCC location rules and other issues. Without their perseverance and continued donations of time and money KQRU would not be here today. But now we are here to stay!

For a map of our coverage, please visit radio-locator.com.

News Coverage on the Founding of KQRU

The Pacifica Network Blog covered the founding and history of the creation of KQRU.

Many thanks to the Prometheus Radio Project for all the many years of leg work and being there to answer questions whenever we needed help:

Truthout – Activists Pave Way for Thousands of New Community Radio Stations

Salon – Airwaves Clear Slightly for Community Radio

KQRU Staff

David Weary, Program Director: KQRUfm@gmail.com